Get ready for a stimulating audio treat on ORGDH RADIO, designed to satisfy a wide range of preferences and emotions. Our playlist is meticulously crafted to ensure you stay in the groove. Offering an ideal mix of audio content, entertainment, and positivity, ORGDH RADIO stands as your top choice for an enchanting auditory journey that elevates your mood and leaves you craving for more.

What You will Not Hear

On ORGDH RADIO, you won’t encounter any dull moments or negativity. We’ve carefully crafted our content to exclude explicit or offensive language, ensuring a family-friendly and inclusive environment. Rest assured, there are no disruptive interruptions or excessive advertisements to interrupt your enjoyment. Our commitment to excellence means you won’t find anything but engaging, upbeat, and inspiring audio content on ORGDH RADIO. It’s a sanctuary of positive vibes and exceptional entertainment, providing an exceptional listening experience you won’t want to miss.

What You will Not Hear

On ORGDH RADIO, expect an invigorating auditory feast that caters to diverse tastes and moods. Our playlist is carefully curated to keep you grooving. With a perfect blend of audio, entertainment, and positivity, ORGDH RADIO is your ultimate destination for a captivating audio experience that uplifts your spirits and keeps you coming back for more.

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With ORGDH RADIO accessible and seamless streaming, you can tune in to ORGDH RADIO from anywhere in the world. Embrace the freedom to listen and connect with ORGDH RADIO’s dynamic offerings from any corner of the globe, making it your ultimate companion for audio and entertainment, anytime, anywhere.

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NORGDH RADIO delivers an exhilarating experience with a diverse range of audio content that keeps listeners hooked. With ORGDH RADIO, you’ll hear an electrifying blend of audio, entertainment, and inspiration, making it the ultimate destination for an audio adventure like no other.


ORGDH RADIO exists as a dynamic 24/7 live radio and TV station with a unique mission – to not only entertain listeners with captivating content but also empower business owners. By providing a platform for businesses to showcase their ventures on the website, ORGDH RADIO aims to foster a thriving community where entrepreneurs can connect with their audience and gain valuable exposure.

ORGDH RADIO Membership Plans

Choose a plan which is suitable for your business.


  • Business Name and address on Website
  • Promotion on 3 TV channels / 2Times a day
  • 2 days promotion on ORGDH RADIO/ 2 times a day
  • Free Job Promotion 3 times a week
  • 20% off any Promotion/Production


  • Business Name, address, & photo on Website
  • Promotion on 5 TV channels/ 2 Times a day
  • Promotion on 5 TV channels/ 2 Times a day
  • 3 days promotion on ORGDH RADIO/ 2 times a day
  • Free Job Promotion / 3 Times a week
  • 40% off any Promotion / Production


  • Business Name, address & website link on Website
  • 3 days Promotion on 7 TV channels / 3 Times a day
  • 5 days promotion on ORGDH RADIO/ 5 times a day
  • Free Job Promotion 5 days a weekh
  • 60% off any Promotion/Production

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Emanon Tech


Textac Hotel and Accomodation


Kleernest Solutions


Emanon Tutoring and Test Preparation Center

Breath Better For Life